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Let’s welcome the newest oat milk brand in town. That calls for a drink! 

Otis Oat Milk Barista and Everyday

Made From Delicious New Zealand Oats


New Zealand just so happens to grow the best oats in the world. It’s not official (there’s no oat Olympics) but their combo of rich soil, fresh rainwater and the right amount of sun gives them a world-beating oat crop.

There are 2 editions- The Everyday One and The Barista One. The Everyday One is smooth and goes well as a drink on it’s own or with granola.  The latter is thicker and creamier, and creates a frothy finish with your coffee. 

Otis oat milk has a rich, rounded, neutral taste and dairy-like consistency that makes it the perfect milk for the future. It’s free from dairy, soy, nuts and vegan friendly. 
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Do oats contain gluten?
Well this is a prickly one, it depends who you ask! To make sure we cover the most important definition, we will use the recommendation by Coeliacs New Zealand: It is impossible for oats to be genuinely gluten-free. Gluten is the name given to a proteins found in barley, rye, oats and wheat. The individual proteins are hordein (barley), secalin (rye), avenin (oats) and gliadin (wheat). According to Coeliac New Zealand, avenin is an essential part of oats. As avenin is gluten, oats can never really technically be gluten-free. The current tests for gluten can measure gliadin, hordein, and secalin but not avenin as it is a slightly different protein. So when people discuss gluten-free oats (and laboratories advise that oats are gluten-free) what should be said is that they are free from wheat (and rye, barley) gliadin, i.e. there is no measurable contamination. Avenin is an essential part of oats (as gliadin is with wheat). Oats will never be gluten (i.e. avenin) free [even if they are described as gluten (i.e. gliadin) free]. Ya dig? In laymans terms: Always consult your health professional if you're unsure. If you're Caeliac, oats definitely aren't for you. If you're Gluten intolerant, oats maybe aren't for you. If you're Gluten free, holy moly you should try oats - they're great!
Where are your oats grown?
All of our oats are proudly Kiwi grown. Southland and Otago, New Zealand, to be precise. (If you haven't visited, get down here - it's beautiful). There are around 60 to 70 oat growers that produce the world's most nutritious oat variety, the L5. All of these oats are processed at Harraways Mill in majestic, sunny Dunedin, NZ.
Why not organic oats?
Funny you should ask! We originally started Otis as an organics brand. We quickly learned in our product testing that NZ only has one oat mill, Harraways, which is non organic. Therefore the supply chain to process raw organic oat, and stabilise it through the kilning process (which locks in the nutrients and stops the grain from oxidising) was not possible. We were sad about this, as we love organics, we love regenerative farming practices, and we think the world needs less intervention in our food production. So we had to choose: pack up and go home, or pivot and push ahead to help farmers and consumers alike. Which we did. We still love organics, and we are still exploring ways to add a Kiwi organic m!lk to our family.
Where does the sugar in your milk come from?
These are naturally occurring sugars found in the oat grain.
Where can I buy Otis in Singapore?
You can purchase carton of 6 x 1L packs online here
1L packs are available at selected supermarket stores such as Giant, Cold Storage, Marketplace By Jasons, Sheng Siong, Little Farms, Meidi-ya and Big Harvest. 
Wholesale information for Otis oat milk
Jewel Coffee is the exclusive distributor for Otis oat milk in Singapore and Brunei. 
For more information on wholesale pricing, please email to sales@jewelcoffee.com or head over to our wholesale page here to drop your contact details. 
Otis Oat Milk Barista

4 Reasons Why You Should 

Make The Switch To Oat Milk

No sugar added, all-natural goodness. 
Plant based milks are not just for the lactose intolerant with its high-fibre benefits. 
Find out why oat milk is better than the usual dairy milk or other plant-based milks that you drink! 
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Carbon Offsetting Mission 

Otis Oat milk is proud to be certified Climate Positive Business Operations with Ekos. 
And they have committed to measuring and offsetting the carbon footprint of their business operations for the 2020-2021 financial year by 120%.

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-Jewel Coffee Roasters Pte Ltd is the exclusive distributor for Otis oat milk in Singapore and Brunei-