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Colombia From Farm To Cup



Finca La Camelia is a story of the Echaverria family’s passion for coffee for over 30 years. Nourished with the fertile volcanic soil and strong commitment to the production of superior beans, coffee from the Camelia farm is brightly acidic with a smooth and velvety mouthfeel.


Flavour Notes: Malt, Red Cherry, Velvety


Intensity: 10




Grown on the lofty volcanic slopes of Mount Leuser near the port of Padang, the rich soil makes for the perfect harvest of beans. Along with a unique wet-hulling method used during production, the Island of Sumatra produces coffee with a distinct taste that is earthy with notes of spices and cedar.


Flavour Notes: Cedar, Spice, Full Bodied


Intensity: 12

Sumatra From Farm To Cup
Brazil From Farm To Cup

From Farm To Cup – Brazil  


Strategically located in the South of Minas Gerais, coffee from the higher altitudes in Sul de Minas showcase a more pronounced body with notes of nuts and cocoa. We’ll let the coffee do the talking and you’ll understand why the area accounts for nearly 30% of the country’s export demand. 


Flavour Notes: Nutty, Cocoa, Buttery


Intensity: 9

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