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Gayo Timo

ORIGIN: Sumatra, Indonesia
REGION: Gayo, Blang Gele
ELEVATION:1500 masl
PROCESSING: Semi-washed

CUP CHARACTERISTICS: Sweet earthy aroma, tangy berry sweetness

Coffee has been grown in the Gayo Highlands of Sumatra since 1908 and is well known for its rich and complex flavor.

Indonesia has a particular method of processing coffee, known as “wet-hulled”, but more accurately said as “giling basah”. Farmers remove the outer skin of the coffee cherries mechanically using a pulping machine. The beans, still coated with mucilage, are then stored for a day. The mucilage is washed off and the parchment coffee is partially dried for sale, retaining only 30% to 35% of the moisture content. Processors then hull the coffee in a semi-wet state, which gives the beans a unique bluish-green appearance. This method reduces acidity and increases body, resulting in a classic Indonesian cup profile.