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The Smart Local

"A coffee boutique also located in the Central Business District, serving light meals such as sandwiches and salads for the busy executives getting their caffeine fix."

The Straits Times

“The consensus among the authors is that good food and coffee are a prerequisite."


"Amid Singapore's crowded caffeine scene, Jewel Cafe and Bar has carved out a coveted reputation for serving stellar coffee."

SG Now

"It might be in the CBD but don't expect any watering-down for the corporate crowd; all espresso-based drinks here are double shots"

Travel + Leisure

"Occupying a brightly lit storefront in the Raffles Place CBD, Jewel Coffee has become a daily go-to for the area's executives since it arrived on the scene last June."

The Ranting Panda

"Unlike its sister outlet in Shenton Way, this outlet also double up as a casual bar which offers its own in-house designed cocktails as well as serving wine and beer other than coffee."


"Located in the heart of Shenton Way, the 900 sq ft Jewel Coffee owned by banker-turned-barista Adrain Khong sees plenty of corporate types who get their morning and lunchtime buzz from its single-origin coffees."

SG Now

"Adrian Khong's the man behind this spot, and he's drawn inspiration from his travels in San Francisco, Portland and New York in designing it."

Her World Plus

"Now, there is Jewel Cafe + Bar. There is a Jewel, coffee fans might know, at One Shenton Way in the central business district, a good grab-and-go sort of place."

Seth Lui

"Jewel Cafe is a another specialty coffee house that roasts their own beans with precision at the back of the cafe, as well as regularly hold coffee cupping sessions to taste single origin beans and their unique characteristics."

Miss Tam Chiak

"This two-storey cafe offers all day casual chic dining concept offers an extensive menu devoted to a selection of delicious comfort food, unique creations, original cocktails as well as its artfully crafted specialty coffee."


"Unlike the other tenants on the bustling street, Jewel boasts an industrial chic exterior that would catch anybody’s eye."

Scoot Magazine

"He notes that his customers have become more discerning, and are now able to distinguish between coffees with different origins and brewing techniques."

Marketing Interactive

"Through the disloyalty card that is a part of the campaign, every card holder will earn a stamp for every coffee bought at any of the outlets. The card with the completed number of stamps will entitle the card holder to a free coffee at the first cafe they visited."

The Straits Times

"Artisan coffee house Jewel Coffee opens its first outlet in Orchard Road, at the revamped Claymore Connect (formerly known as Orchard Hotel Shopping Arcade)."

The Business Times

"Next-generation designers are winning over clients with an opinionated, edgy design aesthetic."

Singapore Kindness Movement

"As a service provider, it always seems like the onus is on me to be polite and courteous, but when you meet a customer who is chirpy and friendly, it really makes the day a lot easier."