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Rancilio Classe 5 S 2GR Compact

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Entry to Mid-range Traditional Espresso Machine

This is your entry-level or smaller volume espresso machine with all the basic essentials at an accessible price point. Easy to learn, easy to use, and is built to grow with your business. Great for bakeries, libraries, small businesses, food trucks, large offices, and overall smaller coffee services. And for a business that experiences high barista turnover, we suggest this because it's easy to train on.


This is the space saver commercial espresso machine. You need espresso for your business but you’re tight on space. A very popular option for tight spaces like food trucks, small kitchens, cozy bars, and tiny cafes. This is a semi-automatic espresso machine so the barista chooses when to start and stop shots. Great for performing single tasks in an environment with fewer distractions where the barista can switch between tasks.

  • Two manual steam wands for frothing and steaming milk plus the C-Lever is ergonomically designed for pulse steam and full steam for comfort and convenience.
  • Hot water outlet with manual valve knob control for drink-making efficiency.
  • Scratch-proof polymer drain insert that can be removed and easily cleaned in the dishwasher.
  • Electrical heating with independent heat exchangers.
  • Built-in volumetric pump plus a boiler and pump pressure control gauge for accuracy and speed.

Steam Solutions

Classe 5 is equipped with extremely easy-to-use steam systems to guarantee top performance. C-lever (Rancilio Patent - optional on USB and S versions) has a special ergonomically designed control knob with open-stay and openclose functions. The valve is operated with a 25-degree turn: turning it upwards triggers the steam output and keeps it active, while turning it downwards allows the intensity of the steam to be adjusted. The valve shuts off automatically on release. YouSteam (optional on USB and S versions) has two brewing options: the first heats and the second both heats and froths the milk. Its ergonomic, user-friendly design guarantees the highest quality, perfectly frothed milk every time, for a masterly cappuccino.


Dimensions: 610(L) x 540(P) x 520(A) mm / 24.0(W) x 21.3(D) x 20.5(H) in
Max cup height: 80 mm / 3 inch
Weight: 50 kg / 110.2 lb
Adjustable feet: Yes
Max cup height: 80 mm / 3 inch
Boiler power: 2700 W (120 V) - 3000 W
Main boiler capacity (steam): 5 I 
Voltage: 120 V / 220 - 240 V / 3980-415 V (3 N)
Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Service Connections

Electrical Connections for 2 GROUP Compact
Voltage Range: 208-240 VAC Single Phase*
Watts: 3000 W*
Circuit Size: 20 amps
Suggested Receptacle: NEMA 6-20R
*2 Group Compact may be ordered as a special order 110 V machine and a 2700 watt heat element.

Water Connections

Dedicated cold water access line with standard female 3/8” NPT fitting and manual shut-off valve within 4’ of the machine required.

Drain Requirements

Open gravity drain rain with minimum 2” I.D. within 4’ of the machine.

Water Quality Statement

The fact that water is potable is no guarantee that it is suitable for coffee machines. Your water supply must be within these general guidelines:

HARDNESS: 2-3 GPG (1 grain of hardness = 17.1 ppm)

Water entering the machine should have a water hardness level of 2-3 GPG at all times. If the water supply is not within this range, a dedicated water softener (if above 3 GPG) or mineral addition cartridge (if below 2 GPG) is required for the coffee machine to operate properly over time (see Rancilio Group North America Water Quality Statement for further details).


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