Meet Rancilio.

A leading professional company in the coffee machine industry across the globe. Also a world leader in horeca industry.

They manufacture and sell professional coffee machines in over 115 countries worldwide through the Italian headquarter, 7 branches, 2 R&D centers, and a global sales and service network. Their product range includes the traditional Rancilio espresso machines, the Egro fully automatic coffee machines, a “Home Line” and coffee grinders. As part of Ali Group, one of the largest global leaders in the foodservice equipment industry, they are an highly competitive industrial operator on the international scene.

Jewel Coffee is proud to be their authorised distributor in Singapore.


Classe 5

Industrially inspired functional minimalism and a contemporary aesthetics are the strong points of Classe 5. A machine that transforms basic essential and elegance into distinctive personality traits. Classe 5 offers premium essentials functionalities and performance at an affordable price, as no other entry level espresso machine on the market. Built with Rancilio coffee technologies and high-quality materials, it ensures thermal stability at the top of its range. Classe 5 is focused on what matters most: quality in the cup, ease-of-use and reliability. Its features are combined in a contemporary industrial design. And with a wide range of versions, there’s a Classe 5 suitable for every need and working conditions.

The charme of simplicity

Aesthetics And Reliability

Modern and sophisticated side panels, ample groupcovers and an ergonomic working area guarantee baristas comfort and convenience. The Metal Dome technology applied to the keypad ensures a pleasant, harmonious touch sensation.

Steady Brew

Rancilio Steady Brew (SB) technology is the evolution of the traditional thermosiphon system and introduces a set of innovative features designed to improve the performance of the single-boiler Rancilio espresso machines. By keeping the water temperature stable during extraction, Steady Brew guarantees excellent thermal stability, reliability and maximum repeatability, both during busy periods and in low usage conditions.

Rancilio Patented Technology

Intuitive And Instant

For this classe too we have used a high-tech USB system enabling the main machine settings to be managed quickly and precisely. The keypad with icons backlit with white LED lights makes it extremely functional.

Green Attitude

Every stage of the manufacturing process for both the internal and external components bears witness to the Rancilio Group’s practical commitment to the environment throughout the supply chain.

Quick And Easy Customer Support

Most maintenance operations can be done quite simply from the front of the machine just by removing the easy to handle drip tray or front panel. Only 5 minutes to complete the daily cleaning cycle and just 2 to remove the front panel and the cup-holder grid for all maintenance operations.

3 Colours

Classe 5 is the ideal companion for many different kinds of bars, coffee shops and restaurants. The three colours make it adaptable to any concept design style.

A Complete Versatile Range

Classe 5 makes the very best, most intelligent use of advances in technology, resulting in a machine that beats its competitors hands down. Available from 1 group to 3 brewing units, USB or semi-automatic versions, anthracite black or ice white. When space is at a premium, the 2-group COMPACT version provides the same performance in a housing only 24 inch (61 cm) wide. Rancilio LAB has developed the TALL version also for this product line. Compared to the standard version, the brewing units are raised, making it possible to use glasses up to 14.5cm in height.

The extractable wide rise plate enables the barista to make Italian-style espresso on this model, with the cups positioned at the right distance from the brewing unit.

Steam Solutions

Classe 5 is equipped with extremely easy-to-use steam systems to guarantee top performance. C-lever (Rancilio Patent - optional on USB and S versions) has a special ergonomically designed control knob with open-stay and openclose functions. The valve is operated with a 25-degree turn: turning it upwards triggers the steam output and keeps it active, while turning it downwards allows the intensity of the steam to be adjusted. The valve shuts off automatically on release. YouSteam (optional on USB and S versions) has two brewing options: the first heats and the second both heats and froths the milk. Its ergonomic, user-friendly design guarantees the highest quality, perfectly frothed milk every time, for a masterly cappuccino.


Technical Features

+ Independent heat exchangers
+ Electrical heating
+ Built-in volumetric pump
+ Boiler pressure control gauge
+ Pump pressure control gauge
+ Boiler pressure control with pressurestat
+ Standard and COMPACT version


+ 1 filter-holder for two coffees per group
+ 1 filter-holder for one coffee
+ 2 steam wands (1 for 1GR)
+ 1 hot water dispenser
+ Cleaning discs
+ Adjustable feet


+ C-Lever - ergonomic steam control
+ YouSteam - manual steam wand
+ Pods and caps adaptor
+ Electric cup warmer
+ Gas heating


+ Water softener
+ Dosing grinder


+ Brushed stainless steel
+ ABS and nylon panels


+ Dimensions:
    610 (W) x 540 (D) x 520 (H) mm / 24.0 (W) x 21.3 (D) x 20.5 (H) in
+ Weight: 50 kg / 110.2 lb
+ Boiler Power: 2700 W (120 V) - 3000 W
+ Boiler: 5 l - (1.1 galUK)
+ Voltage: 120 V / 220-240 V / 380-415 V (3N)
+ Frequency: 50/60 Hz
+ Boiler pressure control with pressurestat
+ Standard and COMPACT version


+ Anthracite Black
+ Ice White

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