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La Marzocco Wally Milk Steamer

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The pour is yours - Automatic milk steamer creating the perfect milk.

Gain efficiency without compromising quality with wally milk. Automatic volume recognition, vortex steam tip, and tiltable pitcher tray provide barista-quality milk foam with the simple push of a button.

Wally Milk, the automatic milk steamer that can be connected to all professional La Marzocco and Modbar machines, as well as most other commercial espresso machines. Wally Milk makes it easy for anyone to steam milk with no waste and minimal training, allowing the barista to focus on what really matters, which is the customer. Wally Milk can be programmed with up to 20 recipes, making it possible to easily work with dairy and non-dairy milks and a multitude of temperatures and levels of milk aeration. It comes with three milk pitchers (250ml/8oz, 400ml/14oz and 700ml/24oz) and, thanks to its infrared sensors automatically recognizes which pitcher is being used. It is also possible to use any matte finish pitcher, between 250ml/8oz and 700ml/24oz.

Features Highlight

Pro Touch Steam Wand

Insulated steam wand that prevents burns and milk from sticking to the wand.

Simplifies future upgrades.

Digital Display
Intuitive programming makes it easy to adjust machine parameters.

24V Electronics
Provide the machine with improved reliability and machine diagnostics.

Tilting Platform
The tray tilts as Wally Milk is steaming, replicating the movement of the barista.

Vortex Steam Tips
Exclusive steam tip that helps steaming the milk.

Temperature Sensor
An infrared sensor monitors the steaming temperature to assure maximum consistency.

Proximity Sensor
Measures the jug's size and milk level.

Multiple Recipes
Allows to record up to 20 recipes, selectable with a push of a button.

Easy Access for Technicians
Engineered or easy service and minimal downtimes.

Espresso Machine Compatibility
Can be attached directly to the steam tip or steam boiler of most commercial espresso machines.

3 Pitchers Included
Wally Milk is equipped with 3 pitchers to minimize milk waste.


Wally Milk

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